Importance and Benefits of Travel Insurance

Peoples are so crazy about buying and invest in insurance policies like life insurance, health insurance, mediclaim, term insurance, mutual fund investing etc.

But if someone suggest him/her about the importance and benefits of travel insurance policies, majority of peoples denies to except it, Even me too (unless I was not aware about its benefits over any other insurance policies).

So, in this blog I will try to explore travel insurance advantages and features more deeply, and will claim here why travel insurance is so important.

But first we have to know about:

What Is Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of insurance policies and provides financial coverage and benefits (claim) during any miss-happening on trip, it doesn’t matter it was domestic or international trip.

How Many Types of Travel Insurance

  • Individual, Family and Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • Domestic and International Travel Insurance
  • Single and Multi Trip Travel Insurance
  • Business and Student Travel Insurance

What are Travel Insurance Benefits?

  • Provides all benefits like health insurance policy.
  • It provides coverage during any medical emergency.
  • It covers if your trip cancelled, interrupted or your flight cancelled.
  • Have you lost your passport? You can claim it.
  • Your luggage and belonging has been theft? You can also claim it.
  • Also provides coverage during any natural disaster or terrorism activity on trip.

Why Travelers Insurance is Really Important?

So this is a good question why should I buy it if I already have different types of insurance policies? Are these policies not good enough??

No, but travel insurance is different kind of insurance plan which provides maximum coverage during miss-happening.

Suppose you are on an official trip or travelling with family and you face any bad circumstance like flight cancellation, passport or belonging lost, what do you do now?? Will your medical insurance policy covers this??

No. Medical or health policy only covers medical emergencies. But your travel insurance policy will bear your all loss.

This key feature makes travel plans so special and that’s why I’m recommending this for everyone!!

So if you are planning to buy any travel insurance policy now, also read few important tips below before take anyone.